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JL Unisuits for Men
Unisuits are the preferred racing and training garment in the rowing world. All JL unisuits are made to order, and so unique to your team. Men and Women have different needs--JL addresses this by engineering the perfect cut for each.  Our men's suit comes standard "tank cut" but some styles can be made with "racer back".

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Solid Top Sublimated Suit
Simple Torque Sublimated Suit
Combined Elements Sublimated Suit

 Example of a solid sublimated top

 Simple Turbo Sublimated Stripe Suit

 Combined Elements Sublimated

Custom Solid and Two-Tone

 Solid suits of all colors, available for sublimation 

Solid Suits can be same color top and bottom, or two different colors 


Solid Unisuit Pricing
Upgrades & Add-ons at the bottom of the page

Custom Group II

Stripe elements can be sublimated
VerticalSide SwipeContrast BindingSplit Curve

Split VerticalSplit HorizontalSplit Diagonal Single Speedstripe
  Stripe elements can be sublimated 
Single Pinstripe Ringer
 Shoulder Grip

Group II Pricing

Group II
Upgrades & Add-ons at the bottom of the page

Custom Group III

Stripe elements can be sublimatedStripe elements can be sublimated
Simple AngleTri- PartitionVertical with
Single Speedstripe
MirrorSimple Segue
Body Swipe

 Horizontal Diagonal Bound by Speed

 Double Speedstripe on solid

 Chex Ringer with Binding

Group III Pricing
Group III
Upgrades & Add-ons at the bottom of the page


Custom Group IV

Cave In My Horizon
Double Horizontal
Double Diagonal
Star Trick
Stripe elements can be sublimated
Lower V
Triple VerticalButSpaceVaulted 

Group IV Pricing
Group IV
Upgrades & Add-ons at the bottom of the page

Custom Group V
Shown with contrast vertical stripe
Double PinstripeTriple Diagonal
(stripes can vary in width)
Vertical and Double AngelsThe SegueTriple Horizontal
(stripes can vary in width)
Vertical with Angled stripe
The Highest PeakStrapped & Tied
Tri-Partition with VerticalChevron
Knife's Edge
All Downhill
  Stripe elements can be sublimated
Stripe elements can be sublimated

 ButSpace Horizontal

Vertical with Double Speedstripes Simple Torque
Simple Pilot  

Group V Pricing
Group V
Upgrades & Add-ons at the bottom of the page


Custom Group VI
Stripe elements can be sublimated
Zipped Tight
High Wire
Flag with Vertical Stripes
Curves, Angles and Speedstripes
Diagonal Bondage


 Cave In with Vertical Stripe

 Rip Curl with Angle


 Subtle Binding



ButSpace Cave In


Group VI Pricing
Group VI
Upgrades & Add-ons at the bottom of the page

Custom Group VII




Group VII Pricing
Group VII

Common Upgrades and add-ons
add to most unisuits at appropriate quantity level
1 -23
Add Sewn-in Stripes (each)
Add Single Speed Stripes
Add Double Speed Stripes
Add Pinstripes (each)
Add Shelf Bra (some styles)
Double Lining of Short (front and back)
Full Length Pad
Add Neck and Armhole Binding
Wicking Mesh (Full Top)
Wicking Mesh (3/4 of Top)
Wicking Mesh (up to 1/2 of Top)

Unisuit Sizing Information 

JL sizing is all about rowers' bodies, and is unlike any other company's sizing. Ours is definitely NOT like retail sizing. So if you walk into any big box store or even any retail sports store, and you consider yourself somewhere between a M and a L--you are definitely a Medium in JL sizing. And as for fitting into a One-Piece anything, retail sizing forces you to fit "industry standard" and who is that, anyway? For rowers, we know that it is most important to fit a person's girth; torso and leg length are adjustable.

Variable Sizing is a unique JL concept. It only applies to Unisuits. The idea is so simple--what if you make the top to fit a person's top, and a bottom to fit a person's bottom and, well, put them together! So you could have different size top and bottom, or a top with a longer torso! More...

For the best fit, choose your size based on these methods:

  1. Very Best: Try on the product.  Sources: Previously owned JL item, JL sizing Kit, Friend or teammates' JL item.
  2. Next Best: Download our Team Sizing Sheet; fill it out, send it in and we'll choose the sizes for you.
  3. Coming Soon: The JL Sizing Matrix.  Enter accurate measurements, and our data matrix will email you suggested sizes.
Note: our sizing system is only accurate when accurate information is supplied.


 Fabrics used for Unisuits


Drywick:88% Polyester extreme microfiber, 12% Elastane – 370 gram
Our workhorse full-stretch fabric at JL. This mid-weight strong yet supple fabric is perfect for most of our Technical Rowing garments. Drywick is constructed of the highest quality Microfiber and still boasts famous durability. We are moving toward having all our Drywick made of Recycled fibers!
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Microfiber Technology, and high UPF rating.
Available in our broadest color selection: Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Orange, Lilac, Columbia Blue, Academy Blue, Leander Pink, Regal Purple, Carbon Grey, Hi-Viz Yellow, Texas Orange, Platinum Grey, Turquoise, Cambridge Blue, and Penn Red

Spectrum Fabric

Bluesign Certified


Spectrum:80% Polyester, 20% Elastane – 300 gram
Wicking, lightweight, with great elastic memory and bright opague white--a fabric chosen by JL especially to use with sublimated garments.  Made in a Bluesign Certified mill.
Technical Properties: Wicking, great elasticity with opaqueness
Color Available: White (sublimate-able)

Bluesign Certified

Drywick Lite: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Elastane – 260 gram
Our silk weight version of Drywick has a strong compression to weight ratio. This fabric is usually used as a base layer but our recycled Drywick Lite can even be used for Weigh-in Suits.
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Recycled fibers, and high UPF rating.
Colors available: Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Orange, Brown, Columbia Blue, Academy Blue, and Regal Purple and Carbon.

 Nylon Lycra Tricot: 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra 200gram
Good old Shiny Nylon, we still use it!!! Technically, this is not the best fabric to use in athletic applications. But, there are some colors that are only available in this fabric. We prefer to use Nylon tricot in trim colors.
Technical Properties: not many…but it is light weight and cool.  And did we mention it was shiny?
Colors available: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Neon Yellow, Neon green, and Neon orange. Most other colors available by request.

 Design Your Custom Unisuit

When we began offering custom uniforms to rowers in 1982, it was not unusual to get a doodled napkin or fuzzy fax. Designs were, for the most part, conservative--up to 80% of suits we sent out were solid color tops and bottoms! In the following decade athletes began to loosen up. Traditional uniforms were transformed by bold color- blocking, but it took til the turn of the century (wow, we were there!) for straight lines to be replaced by full-body curves.

Unisuit Design Timeline--Simple and Elegant to Exuberant!

 A Unisuit Design Timeline...
In the 80's, Solids! Bold Color Blocking in the 90's, Curves enter in 2000, Today anything goes!

These days 80% of our customers choose suits with lines swooping from the shoulder into the shorts! At JL we accomplish this through engineering and with careful construction, sewing together the best fabric for the job, in proven and tested designs. Use the links below for inspiration, to actually design your unisuit, or to see all the designs on one page.

Wanna see some pit-sures?
Create and color in your unique Team Unisuit!

 Photo Gallery

 Design Studio

  • What is the inseam of the Unisuit?
    The Unisuit leg is cut using Graduated Compression.  This means that at the bottom of the leg, the cut holds the fabric in place, keeping it from riding up as you move. For this reason the length is part of the engineering of the garment.  Inseam lengths are as follows; extra small 7", Small 7.5", Medium 7.5", Large 8", and XL 8.5"
  • Can you make the inseam longer or shorter?
    Yes! Custom sizing is always possible. But keep in mind that as you shorten the inseam you lose the advantage of Graduated Compression (above). 
  • Will colors match between the top and the bottom of a suit?
    Believe it or not, color reflects differently when you sew pieces together that have been cut crosswise or grainwise.  Tops of our suits are cut with the rib cut vertically (so you can breathe & move without restriction), but we cut the bottoms with the rib going horizontally (so that the thousands of leg extensions during your workout don't make your shorts ride up your leg).  So the suit may look like the top and bottoms are a different color just because the light bounces off of them differently! 
  • What is the difference between a men's suit and women's suit?
     The men's suit has a tank style top, and the armholes are cut with plenty of room for the lats and the pecks you work so hard on during the winter. The torsos are cut long.. 
  • Can I get a racer-back men's suit?
    Absolutely!  And women can get a tank style suit as well.  Just ask your rep.
  • Why does the waistline seem high on certain styles?
    The design and location of the waistline is due to the need to keep the lower back protected and covered! Many of our teams utilize a thicker fabric for the bottom portion. We keep the back of the waist high so that this protective fabric keeps your lower back warm. Styles where the fabric used is the same throughout may have lower waistlines, especially in the front.
  • Why does my suit feel a bit baggy in the back?
    Remember, you rowers do all your training and racing while sitting down! We allow plenty of room along the length of the back exactly for this reason. A well-fit suit might seem baggy at the lower back when standing, so that when in the boat your suit is not tugging at your shoulders.
  • Can we get a fixed price for our team unis for the whole year?
    There is nothing pre-made about your team uni--it does not come off a shelf.  We have to cut (and remember how much custom sizing we do...), embellish and sew your uni as it is ordered. So small or individual orders of a team suit cost us a great deal more to make than bulk orders. But, if your team buys all their team kit from us, we will consider it.   
NO MINIMUMS on JL Manufactured items!
Never had 'em.  Get one, get 50--we treat every order with the same great attention
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