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Banded Trou

 Women's Banded Trou

 These Trou make your butt look--STRONG!!!
  • Contrast Band, can be embellished!
  • Original Cut, with rise an inch less than Unisex and inseam the same as Unisex
  • Brief Cut, rise 2 inches less than Original, and inseam 1.5" shorter

Design yours now!

Custom Design Studio

Banded Trou in Brief and Original Cut
Banded Trou, Brief and Original Length

These features are standard

  • Contrast Band
  • Anatomically correct CoolMax gusset
  • Double-Seated where it counts--under sit bones.
  • Ergonomically engineered seaming.
Banded Trou Pricing
Brief Cut
Original Cut
call for pricing 100 plus
Sublimated Band
Hidden CC Pocket
Add Stripes

Sublimated add-on pricing is for fully printed band, art and setup additional

Sizes Available:
Women: XS to XL


 Select from our High-tech fabrics for your custom Trou. 

New Polypro Un-brushed: 92% Filament Polypro, 8% Spandex – 390 gram
Durable and Hydrophobic, great for water sport. 
Technical Properties: Hydrophobic Fibers, Anti-microbial Technology, and a high UPF rating.
Colors available: Black and Navy
Drywick:88% Polyester extreme microfiber, 12% Lycra – 370 gram
Our workhorse full-stretch fabric at JL. Mid-weight strong yet supple fabric. Drywick is constructed of the highest quality Microfiber and boasts famous durability.
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Microfiber Technology, and high UPF rating.
Available in our broadest color selection: Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Orange, Lilac, Columbia Blue, Academy Blue, Leander Pink, Regal Purple, Carbon Grey, Hi-Viz Yellow, Texas Orange, Platinum Grey, Turquoise, Cambridge Blue, and Penn Red.
 Fear Not the White! Shield: 80% Polyester, 20% Lycra – 240 or 360gram
Shield is a classical double opposite interlace warp knitted fabric, composed of multi-filament polyamide yarns and Lycra power®  using looms of the latest SUPER 40 generation.
The super dull polyester yarn used results in outstanding covering features, giving Shield great performance and comfort along with brilliant colors when sublimated.  The fabric's compactness, density and balanced multidirectional elasticity make it an ideal fabric for use in trou and unisuits
. No need to double-line them!
Technical Properties: Highly durable, multidirectional compression, Opaque!
Colors available: Opaque White
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