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Safety on the water
Visibility on the water

We offer High Visibility fabrics that work on our full range of technical rowing clothing. Below are just a few examples.

 High Viz Cap Hytrel Fluorescent back
 Your head is the highest point in your boat
Fluorescent Hytrel on a Sequel Splashjacket
Hytrel on a Turtle

Molten Orange Jacket
 Put Fluorescence on the back of any Turtle  Molten Orange Splashlite, shown with reflective tape
Our Polarfleece Team Jacket
Pro Fleece Jacket
 JL Original Polarfleece Jacket
 JL Pro Fleece Jacket
Hi Viz Shortsleeve Techshirt
 Wickable Baselayers  


These fabrics are available in Hi Viz Colors
Dupont's Hytrel
DuPont™ Hytrel®: 100% midweight SupplexTM with Dupont Hytrel® Membrane 
Two-ply waterproof/breathable SupplexTM laminate shell fabric. The addition of an enhanced hydrophobic treatment to the Supplex outer layer enables waterproof DWR (durable water repellent) to adhere to the material for an extremely extended lifetime. The SupplexTM is then laminated to Hytrel®, Dupont's breathable waterproof membrane.  Bright and fast colors to match your team. 
Technical Properties: Waterproof, breathable, UPF Rating 40
Colors available: Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fuchsia Pink, True Orange, Columbia Blue, Carbon, Regal Purple.

 Find out about our Waterproof Flashlite fabricSplashlite®: 100% Nylon, 310 gram
If you are a backpacker, you'll recognize this one--made of nylon ripstop, our Splashlite is a featherweight, waterproof breathable fabric. It has a 2.5 Raised Coating layer, which means garments made with Splashlite do not need to be lined--you can wear it next to your skin. Colors are especially vibrant in this fabric.
Technical Properties: Waterproof, breathable, not sticky on your skin.
Colors available:
Black, Red, Navy, White, Royal Blue, Athletic Gold, Hi-Viz Fluorescent, Molten Orange, Metallic Gold, Burgundy, Forest Green.

 Polartec 200 Polarfleece: 100% Recycled Polyester, 200 gram
Lightweight, Double Velour, Pill-resistant, RECYCLED!!!.

Technical Properties:
Breatheable, insulating.
Colors available:
Black, Navy and Fluorescent Hi-Viz Yellow

Drywick Icon

Drywick:88% Polyester extreme microfiber, 12% Lycra – 370 gram
Our workhorse full-stretch fabric at JL. This mid-weight strong yet supple fabric is used in most of our Technical Rowing garments. Drywick is constructed of the highest quality Microfiber and still boasts famous durability. Used on the front and the back liner of a TurtleLite or on the front of an Ultralite Turtle, Drywick makes either garment supple and comfortable.
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Microfiber Technology, and high UPF rating.
Available in our broadest color selection: Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Orange, Lilac, Columbia Blue, Academy Blue, Leander Pink, Regal Purple, Carbon Grey, Hi-Viz Yellow, Texas Orange, Platinum Grey, Turquoise, Cambridge Blue, and Penn Red.

 Prices subject to change without notice
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