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 JL Short Sleeve Techshirt

Choose a techshirt made for'll get compression without losing your reach. And the tail is long enough to stay tucked in when in the boat.   

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Sleeves move when you move
Sleeves made to move when at your reach
Get your choice of neck treatments
Choose from our full selection of neck treatments
JL fits great, you look great
Buff factor A
Our sewn-in elements lay flat beneath your uni
Sewn in elements create unique style for your team

Style Groups

We've grouped similar style Techshirts to create consistent pricing. Click  below to see specific Designs in each Style Group, pricing and options.

Click here for styles and prices
Click here for Styles and Prices

 Remember, a JL Techshirt is a Snug-fit garment!!!

Snug-fit Shortsleeve Techshirt
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 Dude wearing JL Shortsleeve Techshirt,
a snug rowing-cut garment

 Dude wearing a Loose-fit
JL Custom Henley

 Dude wearing Plain Old
Tee Shirt

Why Snug? 
The JL Techshirt is our snug-fit, base-layer shirt. A snug fit provides three major functions: First, it insures that there is no distracting fabric that flaps, or gets caught in equipment. Secondly, a proper fit brings out the technical properties of the fabrics that we use, maximizing wicking and cooling. Finally the JL Techshirt fits beneath your race unisuit, for perfect layering when training or on raceday.
If you see a shirt in a group that is similar to what you've had in the past, or what you need, we can make additions to that design, using it as a "base" concept.


Techshirt Sizing--How it Should Fit

JL Sizing is unique to our company, and to our sport. We make our shirts to fit rowers' bodies, rowers' reach...Our sizing runs larger than industry standard, but remember this is not a T-shirt--you are still looking for a snug fit.
 Fabric Weight to Stretch Ratio as a concept in Fit
JL Techshirts are made from fabrics containing Lycra. Stretch varies between fabrics, which might affect the perceived fit. Heavier weight fabrics will have a more powerful compression, lighter weight fabrics will have a softer, more supple stretch. Garments of the same size may seem tighter when made in a heavier fabric - consider this when choosing your size. As an example, if you are teetering between an M and an L, you might be happy in a M CoolMax shirt, but prefer a L Polypro shirt.
For the best fit, choose your size based on these methods
  1. Very Best: Try on the product. Sources: Previously owned JL item, JL sizing Kit, teammate's JL item.
  2. Next Best: Consult charts below. Your size will depend on a combination of upper body breadth and overall weight. Charts are guidelines, contact us if you are unsure, or if your measurements have no size assigned.
(in inches and pounds)



weight in pounds, bra with cup size. If your chest is proportionally large for your weight,
you may need to size up.




Fabrics used for Techshirts from Cool to Warm

Drywick Lite: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Lycra – 260 gram
Our recycled, silk-weight version of Drywick has a strong compression to weight ratio. Usually used as a base layer, perfect for short- or longsleeve techshirts.
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Recycled fibers, and high UPF rating.
Colors available: Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Orange, Columbia Blue, Academy Blue, Regal Purple.
CoolMaxTM: 93% Spun Coolmax Fiber, 7% Spandex, 310 gram
CoolMax is our most popular "race-weight" fabric for Techshirts.  It protects without overheating and is great for layering. Wicks moisture away from the body, performs well in even the most humid of conditions. Looks and feels like the softest of cottons.
Technical Properties: Mechanical wicking, Anti-microbial,  Breathable and Durable
Colors available: White, Black, Navy Blue 
Bamboo:95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex 350 gram
Bamboo has a "hand" similar to our popular Coolmax; it has very high wickability, but is a shade warmer than CoolMax. Bamboo fiber does not contain any chemical additives, nor does it need chemical fertilizer to grow. It has natural antibacterial, deodorant, elasticity, and moisture absorption as well as ventilation characteristics.We love bamboo for both long and short-sleeved techshirts.
Technical Properties: Natural antibacterial, Natural moisture management.
Colors available: Black and Navy Blue 
Drywick:88% Polyester extreme microfiber, 12% Lycra – 370 gram
Our workhorse full-stretch fabric at JL. This mid-weight strong yet supple fabric is perfect for most of our Technical Rowing garments. Drywick is constructed of the highest quality Microfiber and still boasts famous durability.
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Microfiber Technology, and high UPF rating.
Available in our broadest color selection: Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Orange, Lilac, Columbia Blue, Academy Blue, Leander Pink, Regal Purple, Carbon Grey, Hi-Viz Yellow, Texas Orange, Platinum Grey, Turquoise, Cambridge Blue, and Penn Red. 
Merino Wool: 90% wool 18 micron, 10% Lycra
We've been looking for over 20 years for wool to use in our line!  We finally found the sheep of our dreams in New Zealand. Merino’s fine narrow fibers prevents the prickle often associated with traditional wool. So comfortable that even babies can wear it next to skin. Merino wool absorbs the moisture that your body produces and then instantaneously releases it to the outside environment--you don’t feel the sweat sitting on your skin. This means that you can work hard and never worry about overheating.
Technical Properties: Insulation—Thermal control, Resists Odor, 100% Natural, and Verifiable animal welfare.
Colors available: Brown, Black, and Seasonal options

Design your Shortsleeve Techshirt

Your Design, your colors, what you want... Where else can you get a completely custom design that is unique to you. JL puts you in control of what you want. Go to our Design Studio and fill in sleeves, stripes, collars; tell us what kind of neck treatment you prefer; choose your fabric.  We'll get back to you with a quote and a shipping date. 


Wanna see some pit-sures?
Create and color in your unique Team Techshirt!
See all the styles on one page

Photo Gallery

Design Studio



 Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Why a short front?
    Because when I sit in the boat I don't need gobs of fabric flapping around my belly.
  • How snug should I wear it?
    As snug as you can. Technical properties work best when there is no airspace between you and the fabric.
  • What fabric is best for my team?
    Choose a fabric depending on these factors: climate; team colors; worn while racing or training; buff factor...
  • How custom can JL get with these shirts?
    Well...we do a lot of things that aren't seen on this website--it would be hard to show them all!
    It doesn't hurt to ask!
  • Where can I get a JL?
    The real, actual, original JL is only sold by JL.

Neck Styles


1" Neck


2.0" Neck


0.5" Neck


0.5" Neck