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 Get Tangled!
if this ain't an attitude...
All about freedom of motion.  And that you are beautiful!  Ask your rep about using our new Tangle strapped unisuit for your next team order.
 Trou Innovations: the new JL ErgTrou
 New JL ErgTrou

Once more, we've listened to your needs, (your concern for your butts), and what makes you feel best when the demands of rigorous indoor training really just start to wear you down.  When you’re spending so much time on the erg, you deserve a special kind of gear that caters to those needs. So we have developed ErgTrou, with great features for both men and women.

Our Yoga band on the ErgTrou Back View of the ErgTrou with Yoga Band PocketJL ErgTrou
For the women’s version, as you know, our yoga band construction gives softness and flexibility to our already tough-as-nails trou. But with the ErgTrou we've extended the pad all the way up the back (for smooth feel during the erg layback), and given you a generous iPod pocket at the back of the band. Our Erg Trou come pretty darn close to perfect by blending these fabulous features for the seamless mixture of comfort and functionality. The lower cut banded waist and standard in-seam length keep you covered and content for those long erg pieces.

Men's ErgTrou back pocket is big enough for all your devices
ErgTrou by JL

Men’s ErgTrou also come double-lined all the way up, providing seam-free comfort from the catch to your long erg layback. The placement of the special large back pocket won't interfere with the motion of your body, regardless of how many meters you’re shredding.

These trou are equipped with a back pocket for you to store your iPhone 4 OR your iPhone 6, Galaxy, flip-phone, or any kind of MP3 player so that you can carry your beats with you throughout the whole workout. The unisex version has the largest pocket, in case you are tempted to bring your X-Box or MacBook Pro to practice... Either way, our ErgTrou have you covered.


See them at the Crash-B's, and at the spring regattas in your area.

 Our latest offering--the Reach Techshirt

Coming at you this spring

The Reach

At JL we are always working to help you get the most out of each stroke, while looking pretty snazzy doing it.

This addition to our spring collection of gear means a new twist on the tech shirt. We call it the Reach.  The name?
As you extend to your full reach at the catch, bold and bright striping gives a crisp appearance, accentuating your every move. (Also very flattering to certain yoga poses. We know how much you’ve all been stretching).

Angular patterning on the arms and a swoop down the back gives you a sharp, effortlessly cool look during a practice piece, or as the seconds wind down on a timed sprint. When you look this good, how do you not have the fastest time? Talk about intimidation factor…

Features of the Reach

  • A completely new neckline treatment
  • Unique lengthening stripe down the back
  • Raglan sleeves with a Simple Angle armstripe
  • A quarter zip for that easy-on, easy-off quality
For now, only available for team orders (in your colors of course, simply contact your rep), but you may see some at the spring regattas, and we will let you know when they are available for purchase on the webstore. 
The Reach full length view



printable version
our new Tangled suitGet Tangled

100% made in the USA