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Where in the world is JL?

In Jacksonville, Florida, Tattooed onto Jacksonville University Rowers' Legs!

      John Gerety and Tyler Humphrey of Jacksonville University walked up to the JL tent at Dad Vails looking for a discount.  We immediately granted their request when they lifted their shorts to reveal JL logos tattooed on their thighs just above their uni tan lines. 
     "The JL logo has been on us for our entire rowing career.  Instead of getting oars tattooed on us, we thought that JL on our legs would represent Rowing in general for us.  The time we spent wearing those shorts, during all kinds of hard erg workouts, from our high school racing suits all the way to our college racing gear... why not just get it tattooed?" Gerety explained. 
     Humphrey told JL that a group of his teammates came up with the idea, but only he and Gerety went through with it.  "I asked John if he wanted to go get it with me one day at weights.  He lifted his shorts and was like, 'I already did."  So I went on my own." 
     Reactions were mixed.  "Some people were into it, some people made fun of us," said Humphrey.  "My mom didn't like it too much, but I'm grown now.  I can do what I want."
     Tyler and John are big parts of a special Jacksonville crew.  This year JU got invited to IRAs for the first time since they sent a pair and a four in 1974.  Tyler is a senior captain sitting in bow of the V8.  He's one of the smallest guys with one of the biggest ergs on the team.  Gerety sits four seat of the varsity 8.  He told JL that a big part of JU's success this year is, "we have a close-knit team and we all worked hard throughout the year.  We are excited for the invite and looking forward to racing the best teams in the country."
     The Jacksonville Dolphins are underdogs and they know it.  They're hoping to make the petite final this weekend.  "It's OK if we get beat by bigger faster crews," Humphrey said, "as long as we don't get out worked." 

Lou Kinder - March 31, 2010