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Candido Leoneli Rowshes in Ubatuba Brazil

JL Goes Rowshing in Ubatuba Brazil

          What's rowshing?  Rowing  fishing, of course.  While corresponding with JL customer Candido Leoneli JL's internet Sales Manager, resident DJ, and all around Awesome Dude, Sean Anderson learned that Mr. Leoneli rowshes in Ubatuba where he once learned to surf.  To our great pleasure Candido sent along some awesome pictures.  A follow up e-mail revealed that he too is an awesome dude!
          Mr. Leoneli, 63, is the Executive Director at Bradesco, the largest bank in Latin America.  He started rowing in college and hasn't stopped since (that's "43 years of uninterrupted daily training," he told JL).  He wakes up everyday at 4 a.m. to get in 12k worth of training before he arrives at work at 6:30.  His consistency has paid off.  Mr. Leoneli is a 6-time FISA World Masters Champion.  He has won the Brazilian and South American Masters Championships several times, and is a 4-time World Masters Games finalist.  He told JL that all the Masters Games medals in his house (a bronze, silver, and gold) belong to his wife, Silvia Montanarini, from her victories in the Volleyball Tournament.  He describes Silvia as "the best volleyball player in Brazil, 12 years as the best player on our National Team."
          Mr. Leoneli started rowshing at his weekend home in Ubatuba.  When FISA announced the specifications for the 6th Category Coastal Challenge boats, he bought one to train in along the Atlantic coast near his home.  Then he decided to combine two of his favorite pastimes, fishing and rowing.  Mr. Leoneli attaches a special fishing rod to his boat through a hole in his wing rigor.  He lets the line trail off his stern so he can watch it as he rows.  He's currently working on a rowshing double and hopes to start manufacturing more rowshing boats to promote the new sport in Brazil.
          Mr. Leoneli describes his rowshing adventures this way: "The experience of rowing in the Atlantic Ocean is always a new adventure.  In the middle of dolphins, big turtles, stingrays, sea birds trying to catch surface lures- everyday you have a new story to tell.  You also guarantee the sashimi of fresh fish."  He went on to say that the biggest adventure is usually trying to deal with recently caught fish.  "With just two hands managing two oars, the fishing rod, a net to carry fish (the boat has not any place to carry anything), and a pincer to retire the hook from the fish... it's almost a Cirque du Soleil performance."

 Where in the World is JL?

Have you taken JL on exciting adventures?  We want to hear about it!  Send us your stories and pictures and we'll publish them online and in our newsletter.  We're looking forward to hearing from you!



Lou Kinder - April 7, 2010