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Most Fabulous Uni Ever?
    What do you do when your team can't agree on a uni design?  Combine everybody's idea into one, of course. 
    The Dartmouth class of '12 couldn't agree on a design for their Summer Session commemorative unisuit.  Online surveys were taken, plaid requested, dinosaurs demanded.  Just when it seemed nothing could be decided, the wise women of Dartmouth decided on, well, everything. 
    The final product- proudly displayed in a recent reader photo of the day- is purple with a red plaid simple angle, a dinosaur embroidered on the right thigh, and a shoreline silhouette in green and blue across the chest with a crossed oar/ "D" decal across the center chest.
    Let's get a closer look at this thing:

     Dartmouth requires sophomores to spend the summer taking classes with the expectation they will spend another semester studying abroad or interning.  Traditionally the sophomore rowers train together at a local club.  It's become customary in recent years for each sophomore class to buy themselves unisuits.  In the resulting contest for best summer session uni the class of '12 is now boat lengths ahead.
    Responses to the unisuits have been generally positive.  Hayley Daniell, the organizer behind all this, told me that she and several of her teammates have been approached when wearing their unis around campus (a courageous bunch, these Dartmouth sophomores).  They were questioned about where they got their fabulous trou and how one might get a pair of their own.  (Call your JL rep and start designing now!).     
    One athlete declined a  $200 offer for her unisuit.  A fellow student wanted it for a  costume party. 
    JL loves to work with you to design the uni you want.  Whether you're the Dartmouth class of '13 looking to one up plaid dinosaurs, or looking for something a little more pro, give us a call.  

    To see more creative unisuit designs check out our facebook photo gallery!

Photos courtesy of Andrea Daley, coxswain for the Dartmouth lightweight men, and photographer extraordinaire.

Lou Kinder - September 15, 2010