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Head shot abby broughton
Meet Abby Broughton
     Abby is JL's newest sponsored athlete.  Most recently, she and partner Ursula Grobler won the women's 2x at the first world cup in Bled, Slovenia.  The duo both receive full clothing support from JL.
    Abby started rowing at Lewis & Clark College.  She made her first national team  in 2006 the year after she graduated.  Her life took a sudden turn soon after when her father was paralyzed in a car accident.  Two months later her brother passed away.  For the following two years Abby's first priority was to her family. 
    "I had to put rowing on the back burner, but I knew I wasn't done with it.  After the 2008 Olympics, I made the decision to come back to training, and commit to the next quadrennium.  It was helpful to decide to train for the next four years (at least), rather than just deciding to give it a try and see how it goes.  Having a more long term goal in mind helps keep things in perspective."  Last summer Abby  won a bronze medal at the World Championships in the quad.
    Abby said that her Olympic dreams and desire to push her own limits always inspire her, and added, "what keeps me going is my community and my family.  I have wonderful support, and most of all, I have an amazing hero: my dad.  He is also in training; his goal is to walk again.  Every day he puts in hours of work towards his goal, and is more determined and gracious than anyone I know.  He is my inspiration everyday, and together we make a great team!"

Lou Kinder - June 30, 2010