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Meet Anja Shafer-Bongwald

    Anja Schafer-Bongwald is JL's new Austrian agent.  Anja is a Boamaster who recently opened an all purpose rowing shop in Vienna.  She sells boats, ergs, oars, parts, repair services, and now JL clothing as well.  Anja says she's excited to be "the first and only clothing provider in Austria who focuses on real rowing clothing and not just some general functional clothing copies."
    Anja says rowing is her life.  Before becoming a boat builder she was part of the West German National Rowing Team and had the privilege of rowing in the 1988 Olympics.  She is still a competitive rower and has won several Masters Regattas.  When she's not rowing, working on boats or selling JL she's spending time with her two kids Jan, 11, and Lena, 13, going on long bike tours, reading the newspaper at the breakfast table, or sunbathing in an attempt to balance out the uni/biteguard tan lines that make stripes up her legs.
    Anja spent the past week getting to know the JL President and Vice President Joline Esparza and Ken Mills.  She showed them around the Austrian rowing scene and they taught her about JL.  Anja told me that Ken and Joline "clearly observe rowers and their needs very carefully and translate that to excellent gear.  I am happy that I have found a line of clothing that I can fully stand behind."  Welcom to the team, Anja; we're happy to have found you too!

Lou Kinder - May 5, 2010