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 JL Climbs El Capitan with John Fine
John Fine spent the last week of October climbing up the Shield Route on El Capitan in Yosemite.  He wore this stunning JL High Vis tech Shirt ... Read More
 A Head Racing Story
In celebration of this year's head racing season I offer you the following- the story of my favorite head race ever.  It all went down at Head of teh Port of Sacramento.  For those of you who have raced at H.O.P.S., you may all already be laughing... Read More
 Q&A with Ursula Grobler and the Bellingham Bandits
Senior World Championship Trials started yesterday to determine who will represent the U.S. in New Zealand in November.  Ursula Grobler has been causing quite a stir with her goal to win world championship medals in the lightweight double, single, and quad... Read More
Most Fabulous Uni Ever?
What do you do when your team can't agree on a uni design?  Combine everybody's idea into one, of course. 
The Dartmouth class of '13 couldn't agree on a design for their Summer Session commemorative unisuit...  Read More

 Masters Profile: John Lavery
When I graduated from college a year ago it occurred to me that I hadn't thought seriously about life after NCAAs that year.  Now that it's time (or a little past time) to consider what kind of adult I want to become, I've started keeping my eye out for role models.  That's how I found John Lavery... Read More
Meghan Musnicki's Moving!  The Story of a Long Journey onto the U.S. National Rowing Team
Meghan Musnicki's story is one of those classic American tales- the feisty dreamer who, after a long struggle, makes good (Musnicki would correct me here: after a long struggle, gets a good start on making good).  Anyway, I love those stories... Read More
 And Now for Something Completely Different: The Ruder-Bundesliga
Imagine a regatta like this: "You can watch the whole race from start to finish, you see all the technical mistakes, you can feel the boats speeding up and preparing for the starts.  There are big fan clubs who come with flags and banners and cheer... Read More
 abbyUrsula gold medalsA Winning Combination- Abby and Ursula Team Up
Abby Broughton and Ursula Grobler teamed up after NSR I.  Ursula won the LW1X and Abby finished third (.1 seconds out of second).  Abby approached Ursula's coach, Carlos Dinares, afterward and asked if she could train with him and Ursula.  They decided to give the double a shot.  They proved themselves with a commanding victory... Read More
 Meet Abby Broughton
Abby is JL's newest sponsored athlete.  Most recently, she and partner Ursula Grobler won the women's 2x at the first World Cup in Bled, Slovenia.  The duo receive full clothing support from JL.  Abby started rowing at Lewis & Clark College.  She made her first nationa team in 2006 the year after she graduated.  Her life took a sudden turn... Read More

NCAA Faceoff: Captains from Top Teams Share 2010 Success Stories
Jenny Cromwell of the University of Virginia and Mary Jaghers of the University of California Berkeley captained the only two teams in the country to place all three of their crews in the grand finals at the NCAA Championships last month... Read More

  JL in Jacksonville, Florida, Tattooed onto JU Rowers' Legs!
John Gerety and Tyler Humphrey of Jacksonville University walked up to the JL tent at Dad Vails looking for a discount.  We immediately granted their request when they lifted their shorts to reveal JL logos tattooed on their thighs just above their uni tan lines.  Read More

 Meet Anja Shafer-Bongwald
Anja Schafer-Bongwald is JL's new Austrian agent.  Anja is a boatmaster who recently opened an all purpose rowiing shop in Vienna.  She slls boats, ergs, oars, parts, repair services, and now JL clothing as well.  Anja says she's excited to be "the first and only clothing provider in Austria who focuses on real rowing clothing and not just Read More


Polling Coaches on... Polls
NCAA racing has begun and so too has the CRCA/USRowing poll.  I got in touch with coaches from top-ranked programs- California, Virginia, and Yale- to see what influence polls have on their programs.  The coaches also weighed in on the change to this year's poll-it now considers the performance of entire teams (V8, JV8, and V4)... Read More

 JL Goes Rowshing in Ubatuba, Brazil!
What's rowshing?  Rowing fishing, of course!  While corresponding with JL customer Candido Leoneli, JL's Internet Sales Manager, resident DJ, and all around Awesome Dude, Sean Anderson learned that Mr. Leoneli rowshes in Ubatuba where he once learned to surf.  To our great pleasure Candido sent along some awesome pictures... Read More
lou articles tiny katie 2Ocean Rowing: Crazy or Crazy Cool?
On March 14th Katie Spotz staggered onto land in Georgetown Guyana looking happy, tired, and rather stylish in her black JL capris. She had just finished a 70 day row across the Atlantic Ocean. At 22, she's the youngest person ever to do so. Spotz spent a few days cleaning her boat and touring Guyana before heading to New York City for... Read More
Guin Batten Conquers Zero Degree Channel
Crewroom, JL's UK distributor, was one of the sponsors of yet another impressive ocean rowing adventure. Yesterday Olympic silver medalist, Guin Batten became the first person to row solo across the Zero Degree Channel. The channel cuts the equator between the Hvadhoo Atoll and the Fuahmulah Island in the south of the Maldives... Read More
lou articles tiny mwhipTalking Fashion with Mary Whipple
I just finished my evening run yesterday and was charging up my front steps, my mind firmly set on making and consuming a cherry and protein powder smoothie. Then I saw it- a brown package on the front steps. Smoothie thoughts evaporated. Could it be? A package? For me? I picked it up, flipped it around... Read More
Q&A with Bryan Volpenhein
JL: What did it feel like to jump from rowing for a club team at Ohio State to racing in the Wolrd Championships with the USA? Were you surprised by your success?
Bryan Volpenhein: I was terrified at first. The volume was way higher and the guys were way better. I went from a big fish in a little pond to, well, a gigantic pond. It was... Read More
Athlete Profile: The Master, Lindy Edward
Lindy Edward just finished a grueling morning practice and now she's rushing to the hospital. She's not hurt; she's just trying to get to work on time. As she hurries through the halls the other nurses glance at Lindy, then out the window. It's freezing rain, and her hair's a little disheveled... Read More
louarticlestinysuccessforallSports: Success Stories for All
I've been hearing the same story over and over agian- it's a story I know and like very much. The story: sports improve lives. This morning the story came in a Facebook note from my friend, Esther. Esther's a four-time national rowing team member. She's won gold medals at the U-23 World Championships in the eight and quad, gold in... Read More
JL Joins Team Ursula Grobler
You still don't know Ursula? Well, this weekend she added a lightweight 2K erg world record to a list of accomplishments that include (among many others) winning Open 1X at the '08 U.S. Nationals, winning Open 1X at Head of the Charles this fall and a second place finish at this summer's World Cup I in Banyoles Spain in the lightweight 2X.
Read More
Former Record Holder, Lisa Schlenker Shares Her Story
I called Lisa Schlenker to talk about her new books
Erg: 75 Workouts for Athletes and A Training Log for Athletes (available at and at Race in JL Store!). I took advantage of the opportunity to get her story about breaking the lightweigt world erg record three times. As it happens, just days after talking to her (and 10 years after she set the record) Ursula Grober shaved 2 seconds off Schlenker's previous mark-talk about timing! Read More
JL Welcomes Sam Sweitzer to the Team
Sam Sweitzer is going to be busy this spring. He's the new JL Philadelphia representative and the one and only UC Davis men's crew coach. Luckily, Sam's got a great attitude and loves challenges. "I love rowing and I love talking to people about all aspects of the sport, including what clothing works best for given conditions."
Read More
Katie Spotz, JL and the Atlantic
On January 3, Katie Spotz launched her ocean rowing boat from Dakar, Senegal thus becoming the youngest person to attempt a solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. Read More

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