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 Joline and our panels
Joline enjoying the sun shining on our Solar Panels on our factory in California
Respect the worker, respect the environment, respect the customer.

We have been making high-tech rowing gear in Orange County for over two decades. All along the way, we've built JL into a business that respects our customers, our workers, and our environment. It isn't just a slogan for us - it's a commitment.

At our workshop in southern California, we've developed methods to reduce our waste, invested in sustainable fabrics for both technical and casual clothing, and most exciting, we've gone solar! If there's one thing that Orange County has in abundance, it's solar energy. Now, up to 60% of our energy needs for manufacturing comes from our rooftop panels.

Our personal commitment to responsible manufacturing has been central to JL from the start. We're excited to take another step towards providing sustainable clothing options for athletes.

Joline Esparza
Ken Mills

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