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 Our Modular Hood  
detachable hood option
Keeps your head dry
Stretch panel allows movement

Our hood is attached behind the collar.  Zip it off on clear days and stash it in your H2O pocket or your back zippered pockets!
A stretchy Drywick panel allows movement while rowing!  Rain won't get in, cause the collar beneath always protects your neck.
The hood is available lined with our lightweight mesh, or fleece-lined. 
 Malden's Polarfleece Lining 
Jacket Fleece Lining

 Malden's Polarfleece lining makes any jacket super warm, but you still have room to move!  Comes standard in some jackets, as an upgrade on most.

You can have your hood fleece-lined as well.

 Key/Credit Card Pocket 
secret pocket fits stuff!

 Many people don't even know this pocket exists!  Your secret agent man hiding place right inside your zipper for the small, important things.
 H2O Pocket 

 H2O Pocket sewn into the stretch panel on the sides of the Purist or the Sequel can hold an iPod, a large water bottle, your modular hood. rigging tools, whatevah!
 Muff Zippered Pockets 

 Muff Zippered Pockets allow you to keep your hands warm, and hold all those extra bits you need to take along!  Available standard on some models, as an upgrade on others.  Not available on full-zip jackets.
 Napoleon Pocket 
Napoleon Pocket
Zippered Napoleon Pocket, available on the Sequel Turtleshell. Pocket is big enough for stuff you need to take along--mp3, phone, snacks... 
 Zippered Hand Warmer Pockets 

 Zippered hand pockets for...well, your hands.  And what they carry.  These are standard on TBD jackets.  Not available on jackets with wide side-panels.
 Venting Back Panel 

A Venting Back Panel is standard on all our jackets.  This huge venting surface beneath the back flap provides great air circulation.

 Scotchlight Reflective Tape 

 1-inch Scotchlight Reflective Tape
Sewn onto the backflap means you will be seen in the dark--on the water or on your bike on the way to the boathouse.  Standard on many jackets, an upgrade on others.
 Contrast Stitching 
high collar detail

 Contrast stitching allows you to customize your jacket with an additonal color

Zipping of the hood 

The zipper is hidden below a secret flap in the above photo

Zipper revealed, ready to attach hood!

 This hidden zipper behind your collar means you can add a modular hood to your jacket at any time. Zipper is tucked beneath a Hytrel flap.  We've made most of our jackets "Hoodable," so an athlete has the ability to purchase a hood at a later date. The Original version of both the Purist and the Sequel are not Hoodable.
 Back Zippered Pockets 

 Back Zippered Pocket
Keep your fancy small things with you at all times.  Snackies, your phone, keys, dosh.

How to customize your Splash...
Select colors for each section of the jacket, we can embroider and silkscreen front & back.

Shell Colors (A-E)
Black, Navy, Forest, Red, Royal Blue, True Orange, Burgundy, Neon Yellow, Forest Green, Columbia Blue, Athletic Gold, Regal Purple, Maroon, White, Fuschi-Pink, and Custom colors available upon request.

A Sleeves
B Front Body
C Back Flap
D Back Body
E Outer Collar

Accent Colors (F, G & H)
White, Black, Navy, Red, Forest Green, Maroon, Burgundy, True Orange, Texas Orange, Athletic Gold, Columbia Blue, Turquoise, Royal Blue and Regal Purple, custom colors available upon request

Inner Collar
G Stretch Panels
H Binding

printable version

Sequel with Matching Trackpant


Fleece Lined for Comf!