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Though we are a small manufacturer in California, social and environmental issues are at the top of our agenda when making operational decisions.  Where we buy supplies to make your kit is not a simple decision for us--though cost is always a factor, we don't ignore the hidden costs to our environment.
BlueSign Certified!
Using Repreve 100% recycled fibers
 Conserves up to a half a gallon of gasoline per lb

Our line includes fabrics from Bluesign® certified mills.  The most stringent certification for clean and sustainable manufacture, BlueSign® facilities must prove that every step of their supply chain, and their own operation, are sustainable and non-polluting.
The BlueSign® standard is based on five principles: resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety.  

We visited two mills a while ago and were shown impressive, forward-thinking systems.  The mill that makes our E1 and E3 lines is a 3rd generation, small town-supporting family-owned factory. Sorry about all the hyphens...They were the first knitted fabric supplier in the world to become Blue Sign® approved.  In 2006, they showcased their fabric collection of 100% BlueSign® approved fabrics (and have maintained this standard since then).

The mill that provides our Thermo Roubaix makes its own energy from the water beneath its facility, and after dyeing and finishing the fabric provides the water to the local town for recreational use cleaner than it was when it came out of the ground.

When you see the green Repreve® logo with a fabric it means it contains from 50-80% recycled fibers made by Unifi, a global leader in sustainable textiles.  At JL we have been steadily replacing our virgin polyesters with this great fiber, introducing it to our athletic customers over a decade ago.

Repreve® diverts waste from the landfill. For sure, soda bottles. But tackling the problem is not just about recycling soda and water bottles, or post-consumer waste. Because behind every mound of post-consumer waste is a mountain of pre-consumer waste. (The waste created by manufacturers when they make products for consumers.) Both are used to make Repreve® polyester.
Repreve® is made from 100% recycled materials, offsetting the need to use new crude oil. On average, every pound of Repreve® yarn conserves the equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline.

It requires less energy to produce. Crude oil refining is a long process that consumes precious natural resources and energy—far more than it takes to process recycled materials into Repreve®.
By choosing a fabric with recycled content for your uniform/training gear, you know you make a difference! 


Fabrics Used in loose Custom Shirts and Tanks (no stretch)



Using Repreve 100% recycled fibers
Made for JL in the USA
Vertex: 50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Polyester – 125 gram
Vertex has a dual-layer ribbed construction, which gives it more stretch than other woven fabrics.  Combined with a super light-weight and soft hand, this provides excellent movement when worn loose or close to the body.  The dual-layers are what give Vertex its unique eco-technical advantage. Next to the skin is recycled polyester, with engineered wicking; the outside layer is rated for sun protection.  With a rating exceeding 40 UPF for white, you are not only kept cool and protected, you are doing it with recycled fibers
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Repreve
® Recycled fibers, and high UPF rating.
Colors available: White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Athletic Gold, Navy Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Forest Green, Columbia Blue, Kelly Green, True Orange, Regal Purple,  Hi-Viz, Hot Pink, Lime Green and Carbon.

Polartec Eco fabrics
Made for JL in the USA

Polartec® Power Dry® Made of 100% recycled plastics, this lightweight, supple fabric exhibits all the breathability, color fastness, and body of its polyester predecessors. The fabric is very breathable and does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor. The fabric is UV protective. Darker colors are more protective than light, but even white is 3 times more UV protective than a cotton T. When the sweat reaches the outside of the fabric, it spreads out to many times its original surface area, enabling it to dry at least 2 times faster than cotton. This minimizes conductive heat loss in cold weather and provides a cooling effect when exercising in warmer weather.

Technical Properties: 100% Recycled, Wicking, breathable, and high UPF rating.

Colors: White, Black, Navy, Red,Royal Blue

Stay Dry!


CoolPlus:100% Polyester 350 gram
CoolPlus applies capillary action from micro-slits on the fiber surface to rapidly absorb the sweat from skin surface, diffuse it to a larger area through several actions, such as wicking, diffusing, transporting, etc., to make the fabric dry faster. At the same time, the air permeability of the fiber is applied to release the hot air out of the body in keeping the skin fresh and cool.
Technical Properties: Capillary Wicking, Temperature management, Sun Protective.
Colors available: White sublimate-able


Fabrics with Lycra (stretch)


Using Repreve 100% recycled fibers

BlueSign Certified!Made for JL in the USA

Drywick:88% Polyester extreme microfiber, 12% Lycra – 370 gram
Our workhorse full-stretch fabric at JL. This mid-weight strong yet supple fabric is perfect for most of our Technical Rowing garments. Drywick is constructed of the highest quality Microfiber and still boasts famous durability.
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Microfiber Technology, and high UPF rating.
Available in our broadest color selection: Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Orange, Lilac, Columbia Blue, Academy Blue, Leander Pink, Regal Purple, Carbon Grey, Hi-Viz Yellow, Texas Orange, Platinum Grey, Turquoise, Cambridge Blue, and Penn Red
BlueSign Certified!
 Spectrum:80% Polyester, 20% Elastane – 300 gram
Wicking, lightweight, with great elastic memory and bright opague white--a fabric chosen by JL especially to use with sublimated garments.  Made in a Bluesign Certified mill.

Technical Properties: 
Wicking, great elasticity with opaqueness
Color Available: 
White (sublimate-able)


Using Repreve 100% recycled fibers

BlueSign Certified! Made for JL in the USA


DryWick Lite: 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Lycra – 210 gram
Our recycled, silk-weight version of DryWick has a strong compression to weight ratio. Great as a base layer, perfect for jerseys.
Technical Properties: Wicking, Anti-microbial, Repreve® Recycled fibers, and high UPF rating.
Colors available:
Black, Navy, Red, White, Royal Blue, Maroon, Burgundy, Athletic Gold, Yellow, Forest Green, Kelly Green, Orange, Brown, Columbia Blue, Academy Blue, and Regal Purple and Carbon.
Using Repreve 100% recycled fibers
Made for JL in the USA
Ecavalene: 68% Recycled Polyester, 22% Tencel, 10% Elastane – 263 gram
Our new "race-weight" fabric for Techshirts. It is soft, lightweight, and gives you that first protective layer without overheating. Made in USA of recycled polyester blended with Tencel (from wood fiber waste).
Technical Properties: Naturally wicking, Anti-microbial, Repreve® Recycled fibers, breathable and durable.
Colors available: White, Navy, soon in Black.
Using Repreve 100% recycled fibers
 Made for JL in the USA
AirLoom: 63% Recycled Polyester, 23% Tencel, 12% Elastane – 184 gram
Engineered insulation created by the loft of recycled polyester loops on the side next to your skin. This fabric has great body for its light weight, and the solid feel you look for in a warm technical shirt. with  Made in USA.
Technical Properties: Four-way stretch, Thermal, Repreve® Recycled fibers.
Colors available: Black, Navy Blue, Seasonal options.
Swiss Technology


BlueSign Certified!
Aero Dimplex®: 82% Polyester, 18% Lycra 200 gram
this is a low-resistance material that was designed using wind-tunnel testing.  Dimplex actively generates a turbulent airflow from the small dimples.  The turbulence reduces friction, which is the theory behind the dimples on the surface of a golf ball to carry the ball farther. And its not all about sliding through the wind, you want to do it without feeling like you are wrapped in a sausage skin. e1 Textiles absorb sweat and transport it away from the body without drying out the skin.  Our Aero Dimplex acts like a second skin, providing physical comfort thanks to skin-friendly properties, hygiene and freedom of movement. 
The textile is a single- or multi-layer knit structure that uses spun and textured yarns.
This use of different yarns ensures that moisture is transferred from the first layer to the outer layer where it can evaporate.
Technical Properties: Wicking, breatheable, reduced friction.
Colors available: White, Black.

 Miti LogoCompression!

BlueSign Certified!
Zaffiro: 78% Nylon, 22% Lycra – 200 gram
An innovative warp-knitted fabric with classic opposed double weaving, composed of multi-filament polyamide yarns and Lycra power®  using looms of the latest SUPER 40 generation.
Its high compactness and density features, as well as its modulus and its multidirectional balanced elasticity with power effect, confer outstanding stoutness and durability features.
Engineered for durability, comfort and performance, Zaffiro is perfectly suited for the inner leg of our shorts.
Technical Properties: Highly durable, multidirectional compression.
Colors available: Black, Red, Royal, Navy, Charcoal
 Miti LogoCompression!!!
BlueSign Certified!

Shield: 80% Polyester, 20% Lycra – 240 or 360gram
Shield is a classical double opposite interlace warp knitted fabric, composed of multi-filament polyamide yarns and Lycra power®  using looms of the latest SUPER 40 generation.
The super dull polyester yarn used results in outstanding covering features, giving Shield great performance and comfort along with brilliant colors.  The fabric's compactness, density and balanced multidirectional elasticity make it an ideal fabric for use in shorts
Technical Properties: Highly durable, multidirectional compression, opaque.
Colors available: Opaque White

BlueSign Certified!
ThermoRoubaix®: 45%  Nylon, 42% Polyester 13% Lycra, 235 gr weight
Warp knitted FOUR-WAY STRETCH Single sided Fleece.
Technical Properties: 4-way stretch, highly breathable, abrasion- and pill-resistant, highly wickable
Colors available: 18-piece minimum on all colors: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Orange, Kelly Green, Active Pink, Turquoise,Navy Blue, Carbon

MAPP Merino Wool
 Merino Wool: 90% wool 18 micron, 10% Lycra
We've been looking for over 20 years for wool to use in our line!  We finally found the sheep of our dreams in New Zealand. Merino’s fine narrow fibers prevents the prickle often associated with traditional wool. So comfortable that even babies can wear it next to skin. Merino wool absorbs the moisture that your body produces and then instantaneously releases it to the outside environment--you don’t feel the sweat sitting on your skin. This means that you can work hard and never worry about overheating.
Technical Properties: Insulation—Thermal control, Resists Odor, 100% Natural, and Verifiable animal welfare.
Colors available: Black, and Seasonal options
 Bamboo:95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex 350 gram
Bamboo has a "hand" similar to our popular Coolmax; it has very high wickability, but is a shade warmer than CoolMax. Bamboo fiber does not contain any chemical additives, nor does it need chemical fertilizer to grow. It has natural antibacterial, deodorant, elasticity, and moisture absorption as well as ventilation characteristics.We love bamboo for both long and short-sleeved techshirts.
Technical Properties: Natural antibacterial, Natural moisture management.
Colors available: Black, Navy Blue, Brown, Dove Grey

 Shell Fabrics, used in Jackets and Vests
Swiss Technology
BlueSign Certified!
SofShell E3 Plus : 100% Polyester, 265 gram
E3 textiles are windproof and waterproof thanks to their modern membrane technology.  They provide optimal protection even in adverse weather conditions.
These multilayer laminates, which are provided with an ultra-elastic, hydrophyllic, 20u thick PU mambrane are permeable to water vapor (RET values of 5-15) At the same time they have a waterproof rating of over 7000 mm, ensuring they are both windproof and waterproof.
Technical Properties: Thermal warmth, Breathablility, Waterproof, Windproof.
Colors available: White (sublimate-able)

Swiss Technology

BlueSign Certified!
 Gamex E3: 100% Polyester, 100 gram
This textile is Highly wind- and water resistant. Enthusiastically lightweight with an ultra-elastic, hydrophyllic, 20u thick PU membrane, permeable to water vapor (RET values of 5-15)

Technical Properties: Breathe -able, stretchable, Highly wind-resistant, water-rejecting.
Colors available: White (sublimate-able), Hi-Viz yellow
Teflon and the water beads away!
BlueSign Certified!
 ThermoRoubaix®Teflon HPR: 45%  Nylon, 42% Polyester 13% Lycra, 235 gr weight
Teflon Coated Warp-knit FOUR-WAY STRETCH Single sided Fleece. Water resistant Fleece!
Technical Properties: Water resistant, 4-way stretch, abrasion- and pill-resistant, wicking
Colors available: Black in-stock
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Sportwash is best for technical fabrics

We suggest using Sport-Wash for best results.

Call for team pricing, or order online

• Why do I need a special detergent for my high-performance fabrics?
Penguin Sport-Wash will prolong the life of your high-performance fabrics. Ordinary detergents leave behind a residue in the form of a scent, brightener and fabric softener. This residue in a high-performance fabric enables water to get trapped. Bacteria can grow in both the residue, and the water, which causes the fabric to stink. Additionally, fabrics wick, breathe better, and dry faster when free of chemical residue. Penguin Sport-Wash is a residue-free detergent which keeps your high-tech fabrics performing like the day you bought them.

• Is Penguin Sport-Wash better for the environment than regular detergents?
Yes, it most certainly is. It is designated Readily Biodegradable which means that it biodegrades much faster than regular Biodegradable detergents. Few detergents in the U.S. have earned this designation, which is actually based on the results of an international scientific study.