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Championship season turnaround special!  
For a limited period, we are offering record-breaking turnaround times on your team's special championship order. Finalize your order between Thursday, April 21 and Thursday, May 26, to qualify for an exclusive 2 week turnaround.

 Valid on items listed below

Contact your rep, or call 800-831-3305.

Two ways to design:

  • click on an icon icon examplebelow to download and color in
    • download to your desktop
    • Check the garment pages for the design possibilities (linked below the image)
    • email us your concept use any graphic program 

  • click on a buttton button to go to our java app & send a direct request with the design to your rep

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Fine Print: Some art restrictions apply, and orders will not be packed by name. Valid for US customers only.  Expedited shipping will be required

Extra Fine Print: In most cases a simple image with embellishment targets can get your order started.  If you need a custom cartoon/mock-up with your logo you may be charged for the appropriate art time as well as for the creation of each individual piece of art.  A request for a mock-up requires a minimum of a credit card on file, acceptance of all quoted art cost, and/or an actual order in hand.  Please keep in mind that for all art projects, except sublimation,  art proofs with dimensions are a representation of the final product and that aspect ratios on a cartoon/mock-up can at time be miss-representative of the final garment/product.

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