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 JL Welcomes Sam Sweitzer to the Team!

Sam Sweitzer is going to be busy this spring.  He's the new JL Philadelphia representative and the one and only UC Davis men's crew coach.  Luckily, Sam's got a great attitude and loves challenges.  "I love rowing and I love talking to people about all aspects of the sport, including what clothing works best for given conditions."       As a first year coach at Davis last year, Sam lead his team to a second place finish at ACRA's (club nationals).  He lists that finish as one of many great coaching moments he has enjoyed throughout his career.  He's also coached for the Men and Women's junior national teams.  "It has been a privilege.  Playing a small part in helping develop young athletes is an awesome experience." Among Sam's other achievements: running a marathon at 195 lbs. in the beginning of June and racing at club nationals as a lightweight (155 lbs) two months later!  He doesn't recommend that to anybody.  He does however recommend Highviz, "you can never go wrong with Highviz!"     Although Sam has only recently become an official member of the JL family, he's been an extended part of it for a while.  His wife Laura Sweitzer is JL's Landsport Sales Manager and brother-in-law Ken Mills is our Vice President.  Sam and Laura live with their two daughters in Folsom, California. 

Lou Kinder February 4, 2010
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