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JL Racing App now available in the App Store!

Your head snaps up off the pillow in the middle of the night; in your mind’s eye you can see a JL unisuit- the greatest unisuit ever to be made. How to show coach or the team? Even a master painter could not depict your garment in its intended glory!

Yet you’ve thought ahead and already downloaded the new JL Designer app for Apple products! You simply reach for your iPhone or iPad and fire up the app, and in minutes you’ve designed a JL uni fit for a god/goddess. A few more taps and that absurdly fashionable unisuit is unveiled on Facebook. Immediately your friends covet your design and your teammates applaud you on such a fantastic idea. With untold combinations of design/colors, we’ve made it impossible for your unique athletic garment to be bland! Need a logo on that somewhere?  Crop and resize pictures from your phone and position them on your design! Upload your design to Facebook, Twitter, or send it to JL Racing for a price quote to make your design reality. Save the garment blueprint to “My Collection” to keep an archive of past ideas.

Pretty neat, huh? What will we think of next? This is just one of the many reasons to be on the JL newsletter list--to become a part of the next big thing. Be the first one on the team to know about what's happening in the world of high tech rowing clothing--and stay updated on the newest products and hot deals!

“But wait!” you might be saying. “What’s with all these words? I don’t want those!”
Agreed! That’s why we have pictures: which are arguably worth thousands upon thousands of words! 


The JL Designer App for iPhone and iPad
Free with JL Newsletter subscription! 

Get JL Designer!


The app is free, but when you first fire it up, you have the choice to sign up for our newsletter.

  • Receive coupons and announcements about JL deals!
  • Find out when we add new garments to the app (jackets, vests, so much more to come!)
  • of course you can always change your preferences later


Find the Free JL App on the App Store

Step 1

Choose garment - swipe through the 4 garments:

    • Unisuit Male
    • Unisuit Female
    • Tank Male
    • Tank Female

Step 2

Select Design-scroll down to see

    • Full range of designs for each garment choice


Swipe to choose a garment, scroll to select a design

Step 3

Choose colors & Add Team Logo

  • Just swipe  the color dots at the bottom and tap to select a color
    • Zoom in with two-finger gesture
    • Tap the area on the garment to apply the selected color
  • Add a logo to your garment from the pictures on your phone
    • Select a picture cropped in to upload
    • Position and resize logo on your custom garment
  • Need to start fresh?  Just shake your device!

Step 4

Are you all done?

  • Send to JL and get a quote:
    • Team quote
    • Individual Quote
  • Share on Facebook or Twitter
  • Save as an image on your phone and
    also inside the “My Collection” section
Submit your design to get started!

JL Designer features

  • Free when you register for the JL Racing Newsletter
  • Choose between four garments
  • 65 designs of unisuits
  • 43 designs of tanks
  • 32 different color swatches
  • Upload pictures of your team’s logos and position them on the garment
  • Save design in “My Collection” for future speculation
  • Share your design on Facebook or Twitter
  • Send design to JL for an individual or team quote

Get JL Designer!

Known Issues or, An app is never really done...

  • When filling a color section, residual pixels from the original color may remain on edges of the part.  This may show up upon zoom, but you still get the overall awesome look of your design when at actual size. 
  • The app allows you to color all sections in separately, which may not be the reality of the sewn garment.  Always send your creation to us to ensure that your design is possible.
  • It is only available for iOS devices, sorry...            

 Bugs? Suggestions? Talk to us! 
Email us

printable version
JL Designer is now ready!  Get it free on the App Store JL Designer

For iPhone and iPad