To Start your Order
To schedule a delivery date and get your order into production, payment details must be solidified.  Your rep will ask for one of the following:

Pre-payment in full

Checks are great, but beware of the slow mail system.

Credit card use is the cleanest and fastest.

Credit card guarantee

Full cc information is given as your guarantee that payment will be forthcoming prior to shipping

Credit card will not be used to pay for order unless prior instruction is given.

Ship dates approach quickly during the race season. It is the customer's responsibility to complete payment before ship date. During the busy season your rep cannot chase down every payment.  Don't let your order be delayed by overlooking final payment!

Institutional Purchase Order (PO)

JL must receive original PO signed by purchasing department, showing same total as JL invoice (including shipping and taxes when applicable). 

Purchase Requisition Order does not qualify as PO

Last updated: 03-10-2007
Author: Mihai

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