What I would pick and why
There are many factors to take into account when you are choosing which method of embellishment to use on your garment.  Outlined here are different combinations of factors, and comments on how to decorate.  Start out with your team colors in the style that will most show off your identity, and go from there...

Visability most important

On a race unisuit, custom tank or custom shirt--If you need your team to be easily identified from the shore during a race, a big bold shape (1-3 horizontal characters will work, or up to 8 vertical characters) between the shoulders will help.  This will be best applied by silkscreen.

Techshirts--Text down an armstripe in bold contrasting letters which can be heat transferred or silkscreened.  We recommend heat transfer for orders with under 40 impressions (20 shirts if both arms have text)

Jackets, Turtleshells or Splashvest--These outerwear garments give you the biggest canvas for shouting who you are.  Use silkscreen, heat transfer, or applique since you don't have to worry about stretch.  Heat transfer is a great option when you have a small quantity.

Budget most important
We all try to keep within budget when planning a large purchase (like 40 uniform sets), but team identity is one place that it is hard to skimp.  Here are some hints on how to keep your costs in check.  Keep in mind that these suggestions still need to be informed by fabric type and stretch.

Plan ahead--if you can order all the garments that will have the same logo at the same time, you will spread the setup costs thinner, and bring the cost of per-piece application down.  For example, 20 unisuits and 20 Techshirts with the same left chest embroidery would have a per-piece charge of $3.75.  Adding 20 team T-shirts (that you are probably going to buy sometime this year anyway) brings the per-piece price down to $3.25

If you have lots of colors in your logo--sometimes embroidery is the best option.  Embroidery per-piece price is based on number of stitches and not the number of colors.

Your quantity is small--If you have a one-color logo that will work with heat transfer, this is the prefect application.  We can do one! 

Tradition Rules
Many programs have complex crests and logos.  Embroidery can be most effective as long as the size is within reason. 

You need to use the embellishment for several applications, season after season.
It is often economical (and fun) to use your team logo or crest on many items.  The same logo can be used on race unisuits, techshirts, outerwear, polos, tees, caps and bags

Embroidery can be used across the whole line of products, and there is only a one-time setup fee for digitizing.

Embroidered logos are preferred on garments such as polos

Caps can use the same logo (there are vertical size restrictions, ask your rep if your logo will work)

Last updated: 17-02-2016
Author: Jladmin

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