One Step at a Time
The clock does not start on an order until we have complete artwork information.  That means usable art (see sections on Formats and Usable Art), and all necessary instruction.  These steps outline a smooth artwork process.

Customer Gathers and Sends art.

Compile digital files, color images of your logo, or actual samples.

Be sure to communicate very clearly all the details (see section on Colors and Your Logo)

Email or fax all art to your rep

Do not rest until you have received a confirmation from your rep that all parts have been received.  We all like to think that clicking a button (on your keyboard or on a fax) means that it actually gets to the other end, but always best to check when it is this important.

JL quotes for embellishment production

Rep will communicate with you about your art.  If it is not usable (see section on Bad, Bad Art) you will be asked for new art. 

When we have usable art, the rep will give you a quote on what your embellishment cost will be (artwork charge, setups, and application).

Customer approves quote.

If the quote for all work is approved, the rep hands all art and information over to our artist or digitizer


If Silkscreen or Heat Transfer, you will be sent an image(attachment to an email in jpg or gif format) that will show your logo in actual colors, on a field that is the color of your garment noting the dimensions of the art.

If embroidery, you will be sent an attached image showing a representation of an embroidered logo using the actual colors.  The background of this image will normally be white

The body of the email will include finished dimensions and confirm the color of the fabric that the logo will be embroidered onto.  Dimensions of the logo are in centimeters--the formula for conversion is 1 inch=2.54 cm.

There is no spellcheck

It is vital that you look carefully at all proofs! You would be amazed at how easy it is to overlook a misspelled word, even one that you use every day!

Approval (or not) of Proof

If you see something not quite right, communicate your needs clearly with the rep, and the art will go back to the artist/digitizer.  You will be sent a new proof with the changes

Once you approve the art, final production can begin on your embellishment.
Delays in any part of the communication can create delays in your order!

Last updated: 16-02-2016
Author: Mihai

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