Fonts are Fun
Fonts used in logo text can present a challenge when trying to prepare art for silkscreen or embroidery.  Sending your art in the most usable format will help to minimize cost, ensure that your logo looks the way you expect, and speed up the process.

Your fonts may not be our fonts

If you send digital files from Word, Powerpoint, or even Illustrator using fonts that are not in our system, we will not see what you see!  We have no way of knowing what the actual art looks like because when a file is opened the program will substitute fonts, often automatically.

 fancy fonts get turned into boring fonts

How to ensure that your text looks the way you want it to (in order of preference)

In Illustrator, convert text to curves

Send us the font (be sure and tell us what platform you are using, Mac or PC)

Create a PDF print of the file from your program, and send it to us.  It will need to be redrawn, but will show us your logo the way you see it on your screen.

Scan or fax a printed copy of the image to us.  Will also need to be redrawn, but will give us accurate image.

Common Typestyles

We have many fonts available for silkscreen and embroidery--these are the most popular for athletic applications.  Other styles are available.

Any typestyle can be used in any layout, though we discourage using script fonts for curves. On the left are the most popular vector fonts (used for Silkscreen, Heat Transfer and Sublimation).  The fonts to the right are in-stock fonts for logo embroidery.  Ask your rep for the list of fonts for names, or simple text embroidery.
Artistic FontsEmbelishment Fonts

Fonts for Text Down a Stripe

These are the most visible styles for stripes on arms, down suits, trou or tights, shown "stacked".

Horizontal styles above are used when text is put on horizontally

Best fonts for stacking

Last updated: 17-02-2016
Author: Jladmin

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