Text Down Stripes

Text down stripes are a bold way to let them know you are coming (and going).  You can put large text down an armstripe or a vertical stripe on a suit, even down a pair of trou our tights.  We will enlarge and spread your text as needed for maximum visibility.



Text down a stripe can be oriented either Vertically (Stacked) or Horizontally.

Your text will be 1.5" wide within 2" wide finished stripes

Standard length of text is 17 inches long, but can be longer for an additional charge




Orientation of text down stripes

Text Stacked down a stripe

Text oriented horizontally on stripes

Stacked Text
Vertically Stacked Text is the same on either side of the body, can be read from all angles.

Horizontal Text
Horizontal Text is directional, different on each side of the body.  On the arm, it is best read when arm is reaching forward.  On tights or shorts, it is best read when leg is bent (sitting in the boat)


Fonts for Text Down a Stripe

These are the most visible styles for stripes on arms, down suits, trou or tights, shown "stacked".

Horizontal styles (see Fonts are Fun for horizontal styles)

use these fonts for best visibility when stacked

Last updated: 17-02-2016
Author: Jladmin

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