Bad Art, Bad!!!
To minimize cost, always send the best art you can.  This section outlines the no-no's and gives examples of why they won't work as art for silkscreen and some embroideries. 

We cannot use logos from websites!  Website logos are created specifically for the web.  They are created at a resolution that makes them look good at exactly the size you see them (which is usually very very small).  For us to either digitize art for embroidery, or to create the art for silkscreen, we need an image that is crisp at a workable size--we would have to blow your web logo up from three to ten times and that would not be pretty.  This example shows a web logo--shown zoomed in with the original size in the upper left corner. Notice how great it looks at web size, and how  fuzzy it is at finished size.  Besides that, you can see from the further blow-up that the "white" background of this image really isn't white, but made up of grey-ish pixels.  So even trying to use this a black & white lineart would not give you the result you would like.
Please don't send us art from websites!

No gradients or 3D for Silkscreen please! Most logos that are silkscreened on your garments are made up of one to 4 "spot colors."  This means that there are seperate elements made up of solid colors (text white, oval red, blades black, for example).  It is virtually impossible (read "very very expensive") to turn art that involves complex gradients or visual effects into spot color silkscreen. This is an example of art that will not translate into silkscreen.  Such art would be a good candidate for sublmimation.
this won't work as a logo

Last updated: 17-02-2016
Author: Jladmin

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