Art for Sublimation

Consider your garment to be your canvas.  Have some fun with it! Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your concept is translated seamlessly to our art department.


Please provide files in Adobe Illustrator formats (.ai, .eps).  IF neither of those are available, .svg and .pdf are sometimes also vector files, but not always.

Any JL Manufacturer’s Marks are set as they come on the cartoons (garment mockups), and are not open for changes in placement, or any other alterations.

All colors must be in CMYK/Pantones.  All blacks must be 100% K.

All art must be in vector format.  If some files are linked, instead of embedded, all linked files must be provided in their original state, along with the vector file of the cartoons (garment mockups).

All text must be properly preserved; be sure that any typed Live Text is either outlined or expanded.  If you prefer, you may also provide the parent font file corresponding to the Live Text.

Sublimated art may not cross sewn seams, or extend from one panel (like a front) to another (like a sleeve).  Background art (patterns, large type, large symbols, etc.) may bleed off a garment, or extend beyond the edges of the smallest or largest size.  This is different than “crossing seams”; we strive to accurately represent your art, and as sizes vary (sometimes greatly) within an order, it becomes impossible to “make it match” perfectly.  So please keep your art and logos within the confines of the garment panel you placing it on.  Please also be mindful of the seams; art needs to be at least half an inch away from seams in real life, so approximate as best you can for that.

DO NOT provide logos/text with an Overprint setting (check in the Appearance panel for that).

Be sure you have Scale Stroke and Effects checked /turned ON in your General Settings.

Save the file(s) in CS5 or earlier format.  The file(s) should also be in CMYK, and contain no RGB art whatsoever.

Inner collars for all garments are for JL branding only, and not offered for customization.

Email all art to your rep.  Large files can be sent using this site,

Next Steps

  1. Our art department will evaluate your files upon receipt. If work is required to further prepare the art for application, you will be sent an artwork quote by your rep.
  2. Once the art is useable, we will create a model garment with the actual art placement for your approval.


If you have further questions or clarification needed after this, please have your rep consult our Art Department.


Last updated: 17-02-2016
Author: Jladmin

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