Women vs Unisex
This is a touchy subject. We all want to believe that things are made "just for us." First, women need to understand that the founder, owner, designer and Yada Yada of JL is a woman. A woman rower. Some garments are engineered by gender. All are engineered as functional rowing garments.
Unisex-this is not an evil word

Unisex means that it works for both. Not that it was made for a man and the women need to "make do."

If function dictates design that overrides the needs of a woman's shape, it works as a unisex garment.

How do JL Unisex sizes apply to women?

Generally, a JL unisex size is one size larger than what you might consider your normal retail women's size.  For example, a JL unisex  small Tech Shirt equates to a similar retail sports garment size Medium.

We have more than 30 years of experience sizing women in our unisex garments-we can help.

JL Unisex Garments: SplashJackets, Tights, Team Fleece Vests and Jackets

Women's Cut

Where we feel it is important to have a garment cut specifically for a woman, we do it.

JL Women's Garments: Unisuit, Trou in Original Cut and Short Cut, Turtleshells, Splashvest, Techshirt, Unitanks, Custom Tanks, Capri Tights, Custom Shirts, Joggers, Seemless Tank, Spaghetti Tank and Suit

Function vs Fashion

What Paris Hilton wears today will not make us change the design of our garments.

Your team race-day uniform should be viewed the same as the other equipment that you expect to be perfectly rigged. This is not a place to compromise function for fashion.

A race is only 6-8 minutes--there is plenty of time to think about your tan line, cleavage or six pack after you have won the race.

Last updated: 16-02-2016
Author: Mihai

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