JL Variable Sizing
Variable Sizing is a unique and original JL concept. It only applies to Unisuits. 25 years ago the founder of JL Design fought back at a lifetime of ill-fitting one-piece bathing suits and leotards (all we had at the time to row in!). The idea was so simple--what if you make the top to fit a person's top, and a bottom to fit a person's bottom and, well, put them together! To this day she still wears a Medium top with 1" longer torso, and a Small bottom (in JL sizing, M+1/S). Some sublimated designs are limited in variation.  With most designs, a torso can be shortened by 1" or lengthened by up to 2". The inseam of the most bottoms can be shortened by 1" or lengthened by up to 2", but keep in mind that the bottoms are engineered with a graduated compression--the length at size keeps them from riding up.  Speak with your rep to ensure the design you have chosen has the length variants you will need.

Rowers come in all sizes

How do I get it?

Check out the other links in this section; Sizing Worksheets and Ask for a Sizing Kit

Last updated: 15-02-2016
Author: Mihai

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