Sizing Worksheets
Download our PDF sizing worksheets, one for men and one for women. Completing this form accurately will allow us to determine sizes. Unless you have a sizing kit, or your athletes know them, pleave the "existing JL sizes" columns blank, and add "body comments" where it seems appropriate.

How to Measure

Key measurements for women are: height, weight, hip, and bra size (including cup)

Key measurements for men are: height, weight, waist and chest.

Body Comments that make a difference in sizing are: Long- (or short-) waisted; Very long legs; Huge thighs; Barrell-chested; Swimmer's back.Shows how and where to measure for accurate sizing. Use a measuring tape!

Known existing JL Size or Stock Size

If you/your athletes know your JL size and are happy with it, please fill these columns in on our sizing sheet. In this case, do not fill in any measurements, this will only confuse us, and we'll have to call your to ask which to use!

Important to notice that top and bottom sizes of unisuits can be different. Be sure and check the size tag for each.

If it suits your team to hold stock sizes (Small, Medium, Large, for example), our staff can recommend typical size breakdowns based on your team type.

Last updated: 04-10-2007
Author: Mihai

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