Ask for a Sizing Kit

Have a Sizing Party!

During your First Contact, ask your rep for a Sizing Kit. You'll receive, at no cost to you or your team, a full size range of unisuits. Have a party (or a brunch, or a spaghetti dinner) and get everyone to try the suits on. This will make is super easy to fill out the PDF Sizing Sheets (men and one for women) and fax it back to us with all the information we need to get your order going. Meanwhile, send the kit back in our pre-paid packaging so we can send it on for the next team brunch/sizing party!

It is our experience that people are concerned most with the fit of the Unisuit and Unitanks. Trying one on beforehand will make an athlete confident of the proper size to order. Sizing kits are available for other garments; tech shirts, turtleshells, and jackets, however these garments are more straightforward and we tend to base their sizing on the unisuit information.

Sizing kits must be returned before JL will ship your team order.

Last updated: 08-10-2007
Author: Mihai

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