Have a Sizing Party
For almost 25 years, the JL staff have assisted with sizing teams with from four to over a hundred athletes.  Sizing each one of those athletes can be a daunting task, so we have refined the system to...well to a craft.  If you follow these suggestions, your team uniforms will arrive individually packaged (by athlete) and correctly sized, making your job soooo much easier at the back end.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Familiarize yourself with the Size Matters details in Lane 3

Procure a Sizing Kit

Download the PDF Sizing Sheets (for men and for women)


Have a Sizing Party

Invite all the athletes (and parents if applicable) to a Sizing Party.  Before practice please (they will smell much better)

It will make your job easier still if you ask them to bring their checkbooks

If you have a Sizing Kit, be sure everyone tries a garment on till they are happy with the fit, or have made notes as to the fit plus any adjustments (ie the M/M fits fine around but I need a longer torso)

If you don't have a Sizing Kit, please take actual measurements with a measuring tape

Fill the appropriate fields on the Sizing Sheets (separate ones for men and women)

Collect the dosh for each person's kit order

Last updated: 19-01-2013
Author: Mihai

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