Team Identity
Your athletes will be seen coming and going in their bold new JL uniforms.  Be sure to spend the time considering how the team logo will look--where it goes, how big it will be, how many logos will fit.  There are some teams who will have a team crest on the left chest, a sponsor's logo on the right chest, the team name across the back or down a vertical stripe, and the athlete's name behind the neck.  Most teams are more understated.  Whichever appeals to you, it is always best to be prepared.
Decide on location and size of embellishment

Do you want High Visibility via your logo, or will the design of the suit speak for you?

Understand the costs and features of each embellishment type.

Gather Art

Familiarize yourself with the issues in Lane 5, Art & Logos

Send your art to your rep in the correct format

Discuss the options with your rep, our staff is very happy to help you.


Be sure you know that your rep has received all art

Reply quickly when proofs are sent

Beware--delays in approvals or changes can push your delivery date back

Last updated: 03-10-2007
Author: Mihai

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