We Mark and Cut your Order
Your order is sorted into like groups of garments, using the same fabric and color. We roll out fabric on very long tables, and for big orders, it can be stacked in piles of up to 30 layers. Fabric with lycra content is allowed to “relax” for several hours, which ensures that pieces won’t shrink after they are cut.

The patterns are laid on the fabric based on the optimal direction of stretch for the body’s motion.   Every square inch of the fabric is used—where there is an odd shape out, we cut cuffs or binding or a facing from it.   We trace the pattern outlines on a tissue layer or on the fabric itself. When done, a “spread” looks like a well-designed jigsaw puzzle.


When working with large numbers, our cutters use industrial strength “saw-blade” instruments, which slice through the many layers with accuracy. Of course, when small orders are in production, we cut by hand with shears.

Last updated: 19-01-2013
Author: Jladmin

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